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How To Sell Minerals (How To Sell Mineral / Royalty Rights)
Many people ask "How can I sell my minerals (how to sell mineral rights)" and why would anyone buy them? It's a common question but selling minerals to us is not complicated.

Of course, you may elect to hold on to your mineral rights and it is possible that this will produce more income over the long run that a sale of mineral rights would produce. However, there is real risk in rejecting any cash offer.

We buy mineral rights in oil and gas producing states.  Over time, some purchases will pay off for us within a reasonable amount of time but for some, it will take many years or even decades. And for other sales of minerals rights, we will never receive anything back. But we spread our risk over many purchases over thousands of acres that we buy.

A key reason that some people elect to sell mineral rights is the time factor -- the length of time that it might take for them to receive a significant amount of money. As opposed to cash money, which is enjoyed as soon as a sale of mineral rights closes.

We'll buy minerals or royalty payments in many states but our focus areas are the Haynesville shale / Bossier shale of Northwest Louisiana and East Texas, the Eagle Ford shale of South Texas, the Granite Wash and Colony Granite Wash in Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle, the Niobrara shale of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming, the Marcellus shale of Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia and the Bakken shale of Montana and North Dakota. And, also minerals that are in areas being targeted for the Spearfish formation in the Waskada South Field of North Dakota.

Why sell minerals? Why 'Sell My Mineral Rights?'

There are a number of reasons you might consider selling mineral rights. Here are some that people have mentioned.

  • You need or want cash money.
  • The offer is too much to pass up.
  • You are worried about a depressed economy, concerned that later, you could not get near as much cash for selling your minerals.
  • You are concerned that oil and gas prices could remain depressed, devaluing your mineral rights.
  • You understand the nature of oil and gas exploration; it is risky and a dry hole or a well with poor production results can condemn your acreage, making it worth little.
  • You are aware that mechanical failure can occur within any oil or gas well drilled, rendering it worthless and thus, devaluing your minerals.
  • You are aware that the oil and gas operator is largely in control of developing your mineral rights and sometimes, operators actions are not in your favor.
  • You are not a teenager anymore and want to enjoy the rest of your life with a cash infusion.
  • You wish to pay for a child's education or buy yourself a car or pay off your debts.
  • You have a producing property drawing a royalty check and you are tired of dealing with it and would just rather take a lump sum of cash now.
  • You understand the tax advantages of selling mineral rights: If you have owned them over a year, they are taxed at only 15%, a long-term capital gains. Whereas, a lease bonus is taxed up to 35% federal. (State taxes may also apply to any transaction.)
Haynesville Shale / Bossier Shale

This page discusses info about the various areas across the USA that we focus on. One is the Haynesville shale / Bossier shale area in East Texas and Northwest Louisiana. We're primarily interested in buying mineral rights in the following counties in Texas:
  • Shelby county
  • Panola county
  • Harrison county
  • Marion county
  • Sabine county
  • San Augustine county
  • Nacogdoches county
  • Rusk county
  • Gregg county
  • Cherokee county
  • Anderson county
  • Freestone county
  • Limestone county

The Texas counties above are where there is some Haynesville shale (or deep Bossier) interest.

You might also sell your minerals to us if you have land in the following Louisiana parishes, which also lies in the Haynesville shale / Bossier shale trend:
  • Caddo parish
  • Bossier parish
  • Webster parish
  • Bienville parish
  • Claiborne parish
  • Natchitoches parish
  • Red River parish
  • Desoto parish (De Soto Parish)
  • Sabine parish
Pre-Application Notice (Louisiana)

Often, people who own mineral rights in Louisiana receive a notice in the mail from a law firm entitled under various names:
  • Pre-application notice
  • Application
  • Pre-conference notice
  • Legal notice
The document might say it's addressed to "Honorable James H. Welsh, Commissioner of Conservation, Louisiana Office of Conservation." (And you are being provided a copy.) These documents are nothing to be alarmed about. It's simply required by law. When an oil or gas company wishes to form a drilling unit to drill an oil well or gas well, they must send a notice to every owner within a mile or so of that land. They usually send a notice that's entitled "Pre-conference Notice." You are not required to attend such a meeting. It just means that that oil company or gas company has interest in drilling in that area. Now, this does not mean that they will drill; it's just the first step required to form a drilling unit or production unit (a unitization procedure). And we're interested in buying mineral rights in areas where unit applications and hearings/meetings/conferences have been held.

Eagle Ford Shale

We also help you sell mineral rights that lie within the Eagle Ford shale play of southwest Texas. If you own minerals that are not yet leased by an oil or gas company, we'll buy your mineral rights and if they are already leased, you can still sell. And if you are receiving a regular production royalty check (royalties), we'll help you sell royalty, as well. In the Eagle Ford shale trend:
  • Atascosa county
  • Dewitt county
  • Dimmit county
  • Frio county
  • Gonzales county
  • Karnes county
  • Lasalle county(La Salle county)
  • Lavaca county
  • Live Oak county
  • McMullen county
  • Webb county
  • Wilson county
  • Fayette county
Granite Wash/Colony Granite Wash

Another one of our focus areas is in the play known as the Granite Wash and Colony Granite Wash of Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle region. If you are investigating who buys minerals or who buys mineral rights here, we do!

Bakken Shale

The Bakken shale lies in Montana and North Dakota. If you have mineral rights there, either leased or unleased, give us a call. A few areas we have interest in:  the towns of Beluh, Hazen, Parshall, Garison, Washburn; Montrail County, Dunn County, Mercer County, Burke county, Divide county, Williams county, Ward county, McLean county, Stark county, Billings county, McKenzie county (North Dakota). And we have interest in buying mineral rights or royalty rights in Montana, as well.

North Dakota Bakken Shale Counties

  • Burke County, ND
  • Bottineau County, ND
  • Bowman County, ND
  • Billings County, ND
  • Dunn County, ND
  • Divide County, ND
  • Golden Valley County, ND
  • McKenzie County, ND
  • McHenry County, ND
  • McLean County, ND
  • Renville County, ND
  • Mountrail County, ND
  • Slope County, ND
  • Stark County, ND
  • Williams County, ND
  • Ward County, ND

Montana Bakken Shale Counties

  • Dawson County, MT
  • Daniels County, MT
  • Fallon County, MT
  • McCone County, MT
  • Garfield County, MT
  • Roosevelt County, MT
  • Richland County, MT
  • Prairie County, MT
  • Sheridan County, MT
  • Wibaux County, MT
  • Valley County, MT

Waskada / Spearfish

We are also interested in mineral rights that are in the area where drilling has occurred targeting North Dakota's Spearfish formation in the Waskada South Field. EOG Resources company has drilled some wells in this area.

Niobrara Shale

Another focus area is the Niobrara shale of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming (the D-J Basin). You can enjoy a cash settlement by selling minerals to us in this area. Many Colorado counties are of interest to us, including Weld County, Morgan County, Logan County, Sedgwick County, Lincoln County, Kit Carson County, Phillips County, Yuma County, Washington County, Adams County, Cheyenne County and Kiowa County, Colorado.

Other Colorado counties of interest are Moffat County, Rio Blanco County, Garfield County, La Plata County. (Possibly other Colorado counties, as well. And also, please contact us if you own Nebraska mineral rights or wish to sell Wyoming mineral rights.)

Marcellus Shale

The Marcellus shale area is very large, lying in several states -- New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio. We are most interested in working with people who would like to sell mineral rights in these counties:
  • Bradford County, PA
  • Tioga County, PA
  • Armstrong County, PA
  • Greene County, PA
  • Beaver County, PA
  • Allegheny County, PA
  • Washington County, PA
  • Lawrence County, PA
  • Susquehanna County, PA
  • Sullivan County, PA
  • Wyoming County, PA
  • Butler County, PA
Other counties of interest to us which are in the Marcellus shale area:
  • Erie County, PA
  • Crawford County, PA
  • Mercer County, PA
  • Washington County, PA
  • Lawrence County, PA
  • Vanango County, PA
  • Butler County, PA
  • Warren County, PA
  • Forest County, PA
  • Clarion County, PA
  • Westmoreland County, PA
  • Fayette County, PA
  • Indiana County, PA
  • Somerset County, PA
  • Cambria County, PA
  • Bedford County, PA
  • McKean County, PA
  • Elk County, PA
  • Clearfield County, PA
  • Potter County, PA
  • Lycoming County, PA
  • Sullivan County, PA
  • Susquehanna County, PA
  • Wyoming County, PA
  • Wayne County, PA
  • Pike County, PA
Utica Shale / Marcellus Shale

We prefer to spread risk across much of the Appalachian basin and the Marcellus/Utica shale and Point Pleasant region is a large area! We are a mineral rights buyer and will buy producing royalties (royalty rights) for the following Ohio counties: Monroe County, OH; Belmont County, OH; Jefferson County, OH; Guernsey Count, OH; Trumbull County, OH; Mahoning County, OH; Columbiana County, OH; Stark County, OH; Carroll County, OH; Tuscarawas County, OH; Harrison County, OH; Noble County, OH; Morgan County, OH; Washington County, OH; Wood County, OH; Athens County, OH; Vinton County, OH; Meigs County, OH;  Jackson County, OH; Gallia County, OH; Mason County, OH; Lawrence County, OH; Scioto County, OH. We would like to buy minerals in these West Virginia counties: Wetzel County, WV; Marshall County, WV, Ohio County, WV; Hancock County, WV; Brooke County, WV; Doddridge County, WV; Marion County, WV; Tyler County, WV; Harrison County, WV; Ritchie County, WV and Monongalia County, WV.

Tuscaloosa Marine Shale (TMS)

We are a mineral rights buyer in South Mississippi and the Florida parishes of Louisiana and also buy producing royalties (royalty rights). Please contact us for selling mineral rights in Amite County, MS; Wilkinson County, MS; Pike County, MS; West Feliciana Parish, LA; East Feliciana Parish, LA; St. Helena Parish, LA; Tangipahoa Parish, LA; Washington Parish, LA.

Terryville Field of Lincoln Parish LA

We are your answer to "Who buys mineral rights" in Lincoln Parish, Louisiana in the Terryville Field and Hico-Knowles Field. The wells there produce from the Cotton Valley formation and the Gray sand. We are, likewise, interested if you wish to sell royalties from other Cotton Valley wells across North Louisiana, South Arkansas and East Texas.

Smackover Trend

This mineral buyer also buys mineral rights in the Smackover trend (and the new Brown Dense play). This region is primarily South Arkansas, North Louisiana into Mississippi and also Alabama. If you are interested in selling mineral rights that provide you royalties from Smackover wells, contact us, please.

Permian Basin

The Permian basin around Midland, Texas and on into Eddy County and Lea County, New Mexico is also a focus area for us. Reeves County, Andrews County, Midland County, Upton County, Martin County in Texas and Eddy County and Lea County, New Mexico. Wells there produce from the Sprayberry, Avalon Shale, Cline Shale, Cline Shale, Wolfcamp, Bone Spring, Delaware formation.

Barnett Shale

The Texas counties where we buy for Barnett shale wells are primarily Johnson County, Tarrant County, Wise County, Montague County and Denton County.

How, exactly, do I sell minerals?

It's easy! Just fill out the following form and give us your info. We especially need the following if you looking into selling mineral rights. If in Texas, the county, survey and abstract number and number of acres you own. If in other states, the county or parish, section, township, range, district (or whatever way your state describes land parcels) and number of acres you own. Plus, add any pertinent info you can add. Once you submit it, we'll contact you. Upon agreeing to a sale of mineral rights or sale of royalty (in those cases where you are receiving a production royalty check), we'll get the paperwork prepared and close once title is approved. We pay all closing costs for you to sell mineral rights. Simple!

Contact Information

Please give as much info as you can about your mineral rights location. You may also call; ask for "Bill," a courteous expert with over 35 years experience. Ph 318-426-0909 or 800-664-7650 (Fax 888-662-8388).

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